The Blonde

Makeup has always been something I felt like I needed to use, because of my problem areas. But due to my weird obsession with Youtube videos and fashion blogs, I'm trying to see makeup as a fun expression. I'm a pretty strong believer that drugstore brands can get the job done, but I will splurge on the occasional product if I know it makes the difference. I'm constantly buying and trying new products to find the perfect ones for me!

Name: Shawna

Age: 23

Natural Hair Color: Dark/ Dirty Blonde

Current Hair Color: Bleach Blonde

Eye Color: Blue/Green

Skin Tone: Fair aka super pale

Skin Type: Dry, prone to breakouts.

About Me: I watch enough YouTube videos to think I know what I'm doing or talking about with makeup, but I clearly don't. Although, I'm trying to make an effort to experimenting more. I love shopping for clothes and currently working on reinventing my look again; I get bored too easily! Hopefully I can be of some help to the other hopeless and clueless blondes out there! :)
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