Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Brunette's May Favorites!

It's just about summer-time! I have been embracing brighter colors and some shimmer and have tried my best to keep my skin moisturized. Here are the products I loved and used most during the month of May:

Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil
Dare I say... this is the best drugstore pencil eyeliner I have ever used! It glides on smoothly and lasts just as long as my gel liner. The black (which is the only color I've tried so far) is very pigmented and gives a nice dark color even when applied to my eyes' waterline. It costs about $5 at Target and I think Sandi said she's also seen Milani sold at CVS stores.

Covergirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer
Something I haven't mentioned before is that my job involves working with young kids. Because of this I am constantly running around, kids are rubbing their dirty hands all over my face, and I am out in the sun a lot. I still love my Make Up Forever HD Foundation for when I'm trying to achieve a "flawless" look, but for a day at work this Covergirl tinted moisturizer paired with some powder is perfect. It is light, offers sun protection, and doesn't feel greasy on my skin when the day is over. I have tried a couple of other tinted moisturizers and this is my favorite because I feel like it covers the imperfections on my skin while staying light. 

Essie Nail Polish in "Fiji"
A really pretty pink for summer! Usually I find the pretty, girlie pink colors from Essie to be a little watery, but since this pink is slightly milky, I didn't find myself having to pile on coats of polish like I normally would with this brand. Since it's such a light color it also complimented the tiny tan I've achieved so far this summer!

Flowerbomb Perfume by Victor and Rolf
Smells so nice! After looking it up I've learned this perfume contains notes of bergamot, tea, jasmine, freesia, orchid, centiflora rose and patchouli. I'm not quite sure which note stands out the most for me, but I just love it! I am usually drawn towards deeper, muskier scents, but this is light and floral. Although it's more feminine than my usual scent, it still smells complex and I don't feel like a teenager wearing it. The downside is that it costs an arm and a leg and I have the tiniest bottle Sephora had to offer. I'm going to have to try my very best to make it last through summer!

Smashbox Soft Lights Blush in Shimmer
A slightly pink, bronzed shimmer for cheeks. This has been nice when I'm in a rush. It acts as a subtle blush and highlighter in one. The color is a pink that would compliment any skin tone and the shimmer is bronzed which would suit a tan nicely as you gain some color over the summer months! 

Hope you all have been enjoying the nice(r) weather! 
x Lauren 

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  1. I love the essie polish too although I have it in french affair which is similar to this one...i am in love with that light, pastel, pink...and sand tropez which is a pastel/nude. and i willdef. hafta to try out those milani pencil's, the colors look gorgeous


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