Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Glow or No?

It's the beginning of summer and we're wanting to show a little more skin without blinding anyone with our pasty winter skin. Gradual tanning lotions seem like a good option to start with because they allow you build a nice color slowly, rather than going straight from white to orange.
Jergens currently has a line of gradual tanners that would seem to appeal to anyone. So, we each tested a Jergens Natural Glow lotion of our choice for about a week to see if they lived up to what they claimed and gave us a "natural glow" to start the summer off with. Read on and let us know what tanning products you find to work the best for you!

xo Shawna, Lauren and Sandi


  1. I think I tried this prodcut once but I should really try it again. Nice post! I actually really like the Fake Bake products or Loreal Sublime bronze.


  2. I've tried this in the foam version and it works much better for me than the lotion!


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