Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Blonde's April Favorites

So now that April has come to a close and summer is getting closer and closer; I am stocking up on some great beauty products for the warm weather! 

The first item I have been loving is the Maybelline New York One by One Volume Express mascara in the color blackest black. For those who read my “What’s in my makeup bag” post, you know that I was struggling with accidentally buying a water proof mascara. So this time I was sure of what I was getting and I love this product. When you look at the brush it looks like it is covered in bristles of all sizes, so that it can coat every lash “one by one”. it goes on smoothly and doesn’t clump on me throughout the day like my falsies mascara used to do. Although my lashes don’t look as dramatic and long as they did with the Falsies mascara, they do look more individualized and fanned out with this new one. Plus, the bright color of the packaging sold me on it!

The next item I have been grabbing for on a daily basis is my new E.L.F. Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in the shade Sun Kissed. I am loving E.L.F. now that they have started carrying it at my local Target. The products are very inexpensive and I have found that they are of good quality as well. I apply this bronzer with a big loose brush to give a nice all over glow and tanned effect. And because this is a very build able product, I can go in with a smaller contouring brush on my cheekbones to make those stand out even more. The one draw back I have found about this bronzer is that when I sweep my brush over it, it releases so much loose powder everywhere, you really just need a light tap of the brush on the bronzer to get a good amount of color. And I have been getting tons of compliments on how great my tan looks ;)

The last product is the first time I have used something like this, it’s a lip stain. Its Color Sensational lip stain by Maybelline New York in the color “wink of pink”. I was looking for a soft pink, similar to a flushed check look…but on my lips. The color it turned out to be was a little bit darker, a mix between a dark pink and a red wine color. A lot darker than I am used to, but it just means I’m applying less of the product. The staying power is great, even now its hard to rub off the color swatch I made on my hand. I’ve heard people say that lip stains tend to dry out pretty fast, I’ve had mine for almost 3 weeks and it seems to be holding up pretty well so far. But if anyone has any other recommendations for a ‘just bitten’ looking lip stain, let me know :)
xo Shawna

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