Monday, May 30, 2011

The Asian's Jergens Natural Glow Review

Jergens promised to firm up your cellulite and darken your skin tone in as little as 7 days. Seems like a miracle lotion right?  I applied it every day before going to bed, making sure to let it dry before touching anything, and washing my hands after use. The packaging says it might stain clothes if it isn't dry and I noticed some of my clothes looked dirty after I wore the lotion. From my first application, I notice that it did give my skin a slightly darker skin tone as well as a nice light shimmer but I just couldn’t get over the scent of the lotion. The way it interacted with my skin made me hate the lotion. I noticed the darker skin tone went away in the shower. The second application made me a little bit darker and did hide my stretchmarks and cellulite better, but again after a shower it tends to fade easily. Every time I applied the product, my skin tone got a little bit darker but the shower always made it disappear.  Henna doesn’t work on my skin either so maybe that’s why this stuff didn’t last like I expected. I don't have any pictures because my skin looks the same after this experiment.  You really need to use this stuff
everyday in order for it to work, if you can handle the smell!! Hope you guys have better luck with this stuff, I’m just going to stick to the natural stuff, THE SUN!!

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