Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our First Review! L'Oreal 's "The One Sweep Eye Shadow"!

We're very excited to post our first review! For our first product we've decided to go with an eye shadow that claims big things, L'Oreal's "The One Sweep Eye Shadow". The L'Oreal website explains the product as a "fool-proof" way to apply the three shades you need to "define, color and highlight" your eyes all at once. The shadow comes in shades that compliment all different eye colors. We have all decided to review the same color which is the "Playful" option of the shades they offer for all eye colors. We did this so that everyone would get to see how the same shade looked on the three of us and decide if it really does compliment all eyes. Here is the shade we chose:

Playful for All Eyes in 829

Hope you enjoy our reviews!!!

1 comment:

  1. Since you guys all seemed to say that it faded away so quickly... I would SWEAR by a product from Sephora by Too Faced called "Shadow Insurance: Anti Crease Eye Shadow Primer." I spent $17 on it but it's been AMAZING and my eye shadows stays on so long, I wake up from a night out with a hangover and a full face of make-up. I'm not even kidding. Try it and don't forget to credit your source. ;)

    - Heather!


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