Sunday, April 10, 2011


Just checking in to share some things that have been going on...

Last week Sandi and I, along with our friend Dia, took a trip to Sephora!
Our mall didn't have a Sephora before, so this was an exciting trip. The goal was to find illuminators (the ones which we reviewed last week), but of course some other products ended up at the counter with us! 
Dia and I were happy when the girl at the counter informed us we'd earned enough Beauty Insider points (which pretty much means we'd spent enough $$$ over time) to choose a free gift. We both chose this Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew: 

This post wasn't meant to be a review, but I thought I would share this DDF product in case anyone else has enough points to pick it up at Sephora!
 I normally use a Cetaphil moisturizer because Cetaphil doesn't use perfumes, or coloring or anything like that, so when I read that this "moisturizing dew" was basically the same thing I was interested to see how the two products matched up. The word dew in the product name made me think it was going feel greasy and make my face look oily. However, I could hardly feel the lightweight gel on my face and I didn't feel a bit greasy.  
I've used this for almost a week now, and if it weren't for the price ($38 for 1.67oz.) it may have permanently replaced my beloved Cetaphil in the future. This particular sample Sephora is giving away does not contain SPF so I've only been wearing mine at night, but a formula containing SPF 15 is also available to buy.
Hope some of you have enough points to receive this gift too! The bottle it comes in is almost as big as the full-sized bottle they sell! 
Sandi and I shoppin'. Sandi's excited

Another store that is new to us is BCBGeneration. They had the cutest rompers and dresses, but the thing we loved the most was their jewelry. The clothing was pretty expensive as you'd expect BCBG clothing to be, but their quirky jewelry was about the same in price as jewelry from Urban Outfitters.  

A cute ring Dia got from BCBGeneration

Overall, we had a great time. 
Hope everyone had a fun weekend and you've enjoyed this post! The girls and I were thinking about posting some more personal posts from time to time, so let us know if that sounds like a good idea!

Can't wait to share our reviews this week!

x Lauren

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