Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Spa God Miracle!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to partake in Spa Week in San Diego! Spa Week is an event held in 29 states at select spas in which select treatments are available for only $50 each!! Spa week took place during the week of April 11-17th, I went for one day on the 16th. The weather down in San Diego had been on and off with grey and cloudy skies, but by some ‘Spa God miracle’ the clouds opened up and the sun blazed all day long. 

View of the bay from our private whirlpool spa at the Catamaran Spa and Resort!

My friend and I tried to look for a spa that offered a full facility of spa atmosphere, hot tub, sauna, restaurants, the whole 9 yards. We decided on the Catamaran Resort and Spa located in Mission Beach, RIGHT on the water. We wanted a place that we could spend the whole day relaxing at and enjoying everything they had to offer. My friend and I had our appointments spread out from 8am till 2:30 pm, so it left us plenty of lounging time in between. I decided on the 50 min kiwi pineapple body wrap and the 50 min pedicure. My friend also got the wrap, and pedicure, plus a collagen facial. (keep in mind these are all only $50 each…originally they range from $75- $150!). 
We arrived at 7:30, were given lockers, robes, and slippers and were whisked into the ‘relaxation lounge’ to await our appointments. I wish I could have taken pictures while inside, but they frown on the idea of taking pictures in a spa where people don’t wear much more than a robe… go figure. In between our treatments we went out to the private whirl pool spa that looked right out onto Mission Bay. Again, we were so lucky to have nice weather, I even got a sunburn! The pedicure was much needed, but my favorite treatment was the kiwi pineapple wrap. It was supposed to be 50 minutes, but I swear it felt like I was in there for hours wrapped up and relaxed. Plus, I left smelling like a tropical smoothie. :] 

The cute slipper/sandals they gave us!!

Around lunch time we went to the pool at the hotel to lay out and had grilled chicken sandwiches and mixed drinks. By the end of the night, with our treatments done and belly’s full, we headed to the steam room and sauna to relax…even more! We didn’t end up leaving the spa until 9pm, when they basically had to kick us out because the spa was closing. We really tried to get as much as we could from our day spa and it was amazing! Everyone at the spa and hotel were so accommodating and friendly. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better or more relaxing weekend spent in the sun with a good friend! If you guys get a chance, check out the Spa Week website and the Catamaran Spa page linked below and feel free to share any of your favorite spa retreats or treatments with us!
xo Shawna

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