Monday, April 4, 2011

First Review Tomorrow!

Just thought we'd give another quick little update before our first review post tomorrow! We've started a twitter where we've continued to spread the word about our new blog, keep in touch with other bloggers and, of course, stalk our favorite celebrities. If you'd like, you can find our twitter here:

Follow BBAblog on Twitter

Tomorrow the three of us will be sharing our individual opinions of L'Oréal's Studio Secrets "The One Sweep Eye Shadow"! Sandi and Lauren will also be taking a field trip to Sephora tomorrow for upcoming review ideas!
Hope everyone's had a nice Monday! Check back tomorrow for our review! We're very excited!
x Shawna, Lauren and Sandi


  1. can't wait for the loreal review!

  2. love this blog! came across you on ifb :-) just about to follow on twitter and am following here too


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