Friday, April 8, 2011

The Brunette's Review of NARS' Illuminator!

After getting rid of most of the products I used in my teen years, I had very little items that contained glitter. So lately, after watching my favorite YouTube “gurus” go on and on about how great illuminators make your skin look I was kicking myself. After a trip to Sephora where I drove my friends crazy by running back and forth between powder and cream highlighters/illuminators (every brand seems to call them something different) I finally landed on an illuminator that was actually a liquid by NARS. I chose the shade “Copacabana” which is described as a “glistening pearl” color. They also had the shades “Laguna” and “Orgasm” which are their very popular bronzer and blush shades, but I was planning on using this above my bronzer and blush so I chose the lightest almost white-ish shade. 

It was a little pricey at $29, but since a little really goes a long way I think it will end up lasting me quite a while. I used it with my bareMinerals travel size Flawless Application brush and applied it to the top of my cheekbones and my brow bone. I really love the dewy finish it has (my boyfriend even noticed and said my cheekbones looked “enhanced”!), and I think it would be fun to wear an extra layer of it for a night out! I would buy this product again, but like I said, I don’t think I’ll have to for a while since just a small dot on my brush is all I need!

x Lauren

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