Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Brunette's Review of L'Oreal's "The One Sweep Eye Shadow"

To be honest, I'm hard to please when it comes to eye shadows. Something about my eyelids just doesn't mix well with eye shadow and it always wears off quickly. For this reason I do a lot of experimenting with eye shadow hoping to find the right shades/formulas that will actually work for me. I've always had good luck with gold colored shadows because I feel they compliment my skin tone well, and when they inevitably wear off it's not as noticeable that half of my eye lid is missing product. So, when the three of us decided we'd choose the gold shades of this eye shadow that claimed be "playful" for all eyes, I was looking forward to testing them out.
Right off the bat I thought L'Oreal was making a pretty bold claim that all you needed to do is sweep the creepy eyelid-shaped sponge across your lid once to get the prefect eye effect. Reading the directions on the back of the compact, they suggest using the tip of the sponge applicator to blend if needed after application. Hmm...

Here I am without eyeshadow:

And after I applied the product as suggested:

Hopefully you can tell that once applied, it looked just as it does in the package; like three stripes of color. 
I tried using the tip of the applicator to blend the colors a little, but honestly, a brush would be the best tool for the job if you wanted to blend. I continued to wear the stripe-y shadow around my house, and after a while, I took a second look at it. After about only an hour of wearing the shadow it had already begun wearing off and blending the three colors together. I was hoping that this would happen, thinking that at least I may get a nice single gold shade from mixing the three shades. The shade of gold I ended up with however wasn't anything special, and I gave up and just wiped the product off all together. 
It's safe to say that at about $10.00 a pack, I won't be buying any of the other shades of this product. I won't let mine go to waste though! Used with my Ecotools eye shadow brush I think these colors may be wearable on their own. 
Overall, this product was disappointing and my eye shadow search will continue!

x Lauren


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  2. If I hadn't read your reviews I would have been trying this eyeshadow. It seems like a good idea but I don't like how it looks like three stripes, no blending. Thanks for the reviews!

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