Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Brunette's favorite Spring nails!

I have been searching all over for a wearable peach nail polish for spring. Everything I tried was either too pink, or too orange. Sometimes orange nail polishes can be nice, but to be honest they just make my hands and nails look a little sickly. BUT I think I have finally found the perfect peach color!
The polish is Summer Peach by American Apparel's Nail Lacquer. I don't usually like American Apparel's nail polish because I think they charge too much, and the last color I purchased from them seemed watery and dried a different shade than it looked in the bottle. However, since I had been on this search for so long, when I saw this color sitting on their counter display I had to give them a second chance (I also found it in an American Apparel outlet which brought the price down a little)!

Again, the color dried a little differently than it looks in the bottle, but not much. I think the thing that makes all the difference in this peach color is that it seems to have a creamy white color to it as well, toning down the orange. I'm so happy I decided to give American Apparel's Nail Lacquer another try because I love this color and plan on wearing it until I am absolutely sick of it!

Another thing I thought was worth mentioning is that I use Sally Hansen's Mega Shine Extended Wear Topcoat. I never used to use a topcoat, but it really does make a difference and this Sally Hansen version has been compared to many more expensive brands which claim to lengthen your polish's wear.

If anyone has found another pretty peach color that can be found in drugstores I'd love to know!
Happy Spring!

x Lauren

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