Friday, April 8, 2011

The Asian: Benefit's Posie Tint Review!

So I've never used a highlighter/illuminator before and I'm not sure if Benefit's Posie tint falls under this category but it does pretty much the same thing. Illuminators and highlighters have a lot more sparkle and I try to stay away from those products. Its a little more bang for your buck because it is also meant for your lips and its
bright pink color compliments any skin tone. I used it more as a blush, focusing on the apples of my cheeks but I also used a bronzer directly beneath it to hallow out my cheekbones a bit (which is what I
was instructed to do by the Sephora lady). 

I love that it stays on for a very long time and its a beautiful shade of pink. The only difficulty that I had was that it is a stain and its a little difficult to maneuver (but it does attribute it to its lasting power!). It does what its meant to and I would invest in this product again!


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