Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding!!

I am an American girl through and through but I've got Royal Wedding Fever!! I stayed up until 3:30 a.m. and was glued to the TV. I was completely star struck when I saw Catherine's wedding dress. That dress is going to influence wedding dresses for years to come! Her veil was a beautiful finishing touch, and the sheerness of the lace let you really see her face clearly.

It was surprising to hear that Catherine Middleton did her own makeup, but reportedly only after receiving lessons from a makeup artist. After some research, I have found that her make-up consisted of a soft brown smokey eye, with pink lips and cheeks. She had a classic nude manicure to polish off the look.

Here is how to get Catherine's look:

Step 1-Use a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer all over as a base. Her skin is always glowing!
Step 2-Wash a neutral base over the whole eyelid, then use a slightly darker brown shade in the socket and slightly above.
Step 3- Line around the eyes with a brown/black eyeliner, take it the whole way around the eye and blend the eyeliner in using the end of a Q-tip. Finish with a coat of mascara.
Step 4- Add a bright pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend it up towards your hairline.
Step 5- Brush over your brows with a dark brown eyebrow gel to make them look more defined.
Step 6- Finish the look with a swipe of nudey-pink gloss to transform yourself into a pretty princess!

Hope you enjoyed the wedding too!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Spa God Miracle!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to partake in Spa Week in San Diego! Spa Week is an event held in 29 states at select spas in which select treatments are available for only $50 each!! Spa week took place during the week of April 11-17th, I went for one day on the 16th. The weather down in San Diego had been on and off with grey and cloudy skies, but by some ‘Spa God miracle’ the clouds opened up and the sun blazed all day long. 

View of the bay from our private whirlpool spa at the Catamaran Spa and Resort!

My friend and I tried to look for a spa that offered a full facility of spa atmosphere, hot tub, sauna, restaurants, the whole 9 yards. We decided on the Catamaran Resort and Spa located in Mission Beach, RIGHT on the water. We wanted a place that we could spend the whole day relaxing at and enjoying everything they had to offer. My friend and I had our appointments spread out from 8am till 2:30 pm, so it left us plenty of lounging time in between. I decided on the 50 min kiwi pineapple body wrap and the 50 min pedicure. My friend also got the wrap, and pedicure, plus a collagen facial. (keep in mind these are all only $50 each…originally they range from $75- $150!). 
We arrived at 7:30, were given lockers, robes, and slippers and were whisked into the ‘relaxation lounge’ to await our appointments. I wish I could have taken pictures while inside, but they frown on the idea of taking pictures in a spa where people don’t wear much more than a robe… go figure. In between our treatments we went out to the private whirl pool spa that looked right out onto Mission Bay. Again, we were so lucky to have nice weather, I even got a sunburn! The pedicure was much needed, but my favorite treatment was the kiwi pineapple wrap. It was supposed to be 50 minutes, but I swear it felt like I was in there for hours wrapped up and relaxed. Plus, I left smelling like a tropical smoothie. :] 

The cute slipper/sandals they gave us!!

Around lunch time we went to the pool at the hotel to lay out and had grilled chicken sandwiches and mixed drinks. By the end of the night, with our treatments done and belly’s full, we headed to the steam room and sauna to relax…even more! We didn’t end up leaving the spa until 9pm, when they basically had to kick us out because the spa was closing. We really tried to get as much as we could from our day spa and it was amazing! Everyone at the spa and hotel were so accommodating and friendly. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better or more relaxing weekend spent in the sun with a good friend! If you guys get a chance, check out the Spa Week website and the Catamaran Spa page linked below and feel free to share any of your favorite spa retreats or treatments with us!
xo Shawna

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here Comes the Sun... It's Spring!

The sun has come out and we have been craving all things Spring/Summer! Coming up we have a couple reviews based on happy Spring colors and the products we all seem to use more when the weather's nice. 

For our first Spring review (today!) we'll all be sharing our favorite nail polish colors of the season!
They are posted below. Hope you enjoy and share your favorite colors as well!

Flowers from a sunny day at the Farmer's Market. It's Spring!

The Asian's Spring Nails!

I love these two new colors I bought specifically for the spring season! The purple color is from ULTA in a shade called "tutu cute" and the second color is called "mint sorbet" by Sally Hansen. They both dry darker than what it looks like in the bottle and both lasts for a good while. Both shades work great with my skin tone and bring out my natural tan. 

The ULTA polish was $2.99 and the Sally Hansen polish was only $2.50. I try not to pay more than 4 bucks for a bottle of nail polish. The quality is never that much better and when it comes to nail polish its all about the quantity of colors. You can always buy a really nice top coat like OPI and put it over your color to get it to last longer. My favorite brands are Sinful colors, Sally Hansen, and ULTA's nail polish. 

Happy painting!! 

<3 Sandi

Nail Polish Review- The Blonde!

So lets just start out by saying, I LOVE nail polish. I always have to have color on my fingernails & toe nails, I feel incomplete without it. So, needless to say I own a ton of different polish and change it up pretty frequently. For this review it was hard for me to pick a favorite, so I picked my 3 most recent favorites and the one I’m currently wearing. I am notorious for wearing dark polish; black, dark red, dark purple, anything dark. But for spring I try to go for lighter colors to match with the season and because my outfits normally lighten up around spring. Now, onto the reviews!
First and foremost, I use the ORLY Top 2 Bottom basecoat and topcoat all in one. I do a coat before and after my color!
The first polish, is a recent one I got specifically for my toes! it’s a light mint-ish color and has a slight iridescent sparkle to it. Its from Forever 21’s Love & Beauty line and the color is “mint”, it was an impulse buy, but I really ended up liking it. I have had this color on my toes for about 2 weeks now and it still hasn’t chipped yet! it’s a great spring time color and compliments my skin tone really well, it actually makes my foot look a little more tan as opposed to me wearing a dark color on my feet. This is great for spring and is an unexpected color when it peeks through wedges or in full view in sandals. I really like it!
Second, is one I’ve been wearing on my fingers for a while, Italian Love Affair by OPI. This is a pastel pink color with a great pearlescent shine to it, so its not so flat looking. I love this color for spring because it is a less obvious way of throwing pink into an outfit. Although I am a fan of bright, neon pinks for summer; I think this is a nice softer way of achieving the “pink look” for spring. The color looks really delicate and because it is a light shade, it goes well with most outfits! This is a sweet, girly shade for spring!

And finally, the color I am currently wearing on my fingers. This one is a little tricky because it is a color I mixed myself. I have a tendency to mix my own polishes so I can get the EXACT color I’m looking for! This one is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City, a sparkly silver color and it is mixed with OPI’s Siberian Nights, which is an extremely dark purple. I had seen a picture of a model wearing a dark, sparkly, raisin colored polish in a magazine and wanted the same effect but a little lighter for spring. My shade came out as a light, metallic purple, I really love the way it turned out and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it, Although next time I might add a little bit more purple to the mixture because the color comes off as more silver than purple. But still a great spring transition color!

xo Shawna

The Brunette's favorite Spring nails!

I have been searching all over for a wearable peach nail polish for spring. Everything I tried was either too pink, or too orange. Sometimes orange nail polishes can be nice, but to be honest they just make my hands and nails look a little sickly. BUT I think I have finally found the perfect peach color!
The polish is Summer Peach by American Apparel's Nail Lacquer. I don't usually like American Apparel's nail polish because I think they charge too much, and the last color I purchased from them seemed watery and dried a different shade than it looked in the bottle. However, since I had been on this search for so long, when I saw this color sitting on their counter display I had to give them a second chance (I also found it in an American Apparel outlet which brought the price down a little)!

Again, the color dried a little differently than it looks in the bottle, but not much. I think the thing that makes all the difference in this peach color is that it seems to have a creamy white color to it as well, toning down the orange. I'm so happy I decided to give American Apparel's Nail Lacquer another try because I love this color and plan on wearing it until I am absolutely sick of it!

Another thing I thought was worth mentioning is that I use Sally Hansen's Mega Shine Extended Wear Topcoat. I never used to use a topcoat, but it really does make a difference and this Sally Hansen version has been compared to many more expensive brands which claim to lengthen your polish's wear.

If anyone has found another pretty peach color that can be found in drugstores I'd love to know!
Happy Spring!

x Lauren

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Just checking in to share some things that have been going on...

Last week Sandi and I, along with our friend Dia, took a trip to Sephora!
Our mall didn't have a Sephora before, so this was an exciting trip. The goal was to find illuminators (the ones which we reviewed last week), but of course some other products ended up at the counter with us! 
Dia and I were happy when the girl at the counter informed us we'd earned enough Beauty Insider points (which pretty much means we'd spent enough $$$ over time) to choose a free gift. We both chose this Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew: 

This post wasn't meant to be a review, but I thought I would share this DDF product in case anyone else has enough points to pick it up at Sephora!
 I normally use a Cetaphil moisturizer because Cetaphil doesn't use perfumes, or coloring or anything like that, so when I read that this "moisturizing dew" was basically the same thing I was interested to see how the two products matched up. The word dew in the product name made me think it was going feel greasy and make my face look oily. However, I could hardly feel the lightweight gel on my face and I didn't feel a bit greasy.  
I've used this for almost a week now, and if it weren't for the price ($38 for 1.67oz.) it may have permanently replaced my beloved Cetaphil in the future. This particular sample Sephora is giving away does not contain SPF so I've only been wearing mine at night, but a formula containing SPF 15 is also available to buy.
Hope some of you have enough points to receive this gift too! The bottle it comes in is almost as big as the full-sized bottle they sell! 
Sandi and I shoppin'. Sandi's excited

Another store that is new to us is BCBGeneration. They had the cutest rompers and dresses, but the thing we loved the most was their jewelry. The clothing was pretty expensive as you'd expect BCBG clothing to be, but their quirky jewelry was about the same in price as jewelry from Urban Outfitters.  

A cute ring Dia got from BCBGeneration

Overall, we had a great time. 
Hope everyone had a fun weekend and you've enjoyed this post! The girls and I were thinking about posting some more personal posts from time to time, so let us know if that sounds like a good idea!

Can't wait to share our reviews this week!

x Lauren

Friday, April 8, 2011

All That Glitters...

For this week’s Friday review we’ve decided to review illuminators! As everyone’s skin is different we won’t be reviewing the same exact product like we did with our eye shadow review, in fact Sandi has reviewed a cheek/lip stain instead. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has started following our blog on the Google reader, Bloglovin’ and Twitter or written us messages on Independent Fashion Bloggers. We feel very welcomed and it’s nice to hear that people are enjoying our posts!
Hope you like our second reviews!

Lauren’s Review- NARS Illuminator in Copacabana
Sandi’s Review- Benefit Poise Tint
Shawna’s Review- E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal and Clinique’s Gentle Light Powder in Glow 3

The Brunette's Review of NARS' Illuminator!

After getting rid of most of the products I used in my teen years, I had very little items that contained glitter. So lately, after watching my favorite YouTube “gurus” go on and on about how great illuminators make your skin look I was kicking myself. After a trip to Sephora where I drove my friends crazy by running back and forth between powder and cream highlighters/illuminators (every brand seems to call them something different) I finally landed on an illuminator that was actually a liquid by NARS. I chose the shade “Copacabana” which is described as a “glistening pearl” color. They also had the shades “Laguna” and “Orgasm” which are their very popular bronzer and blush shades, but I was planning on using this above my bronzer and blush so I chose the lightest almost white-ish shade. 

It was a little pricey at $29, but since a little really goes a long way I think it will end up lasting me quite a while. I used it with my bareMinerals travel size Flawless Application brush and applied it to the top of my cheekbones and my brow bone. I really love the dewy finish it has (my boyfriend even noticed and said my cheekbones looked “enhanced”!), and I think it would be fun to wear an extra layer of it for a night out! I would buy this product again, but like I said, I don’t think I’ll have to for a while since just a small dot on my brush is all I need!

x Lauren

The Blonde's Illuminator Review!

For this review, I choose two different highlighters. I had never really used an illuminator or highlighter before, so I wasn’t really sure how to shop for one or know what kind to use. Both of the illuminators that I used are very sheer and not too intense.
In no particular order:

E.L.F. Shimmering Facial Whip in Lilac Petal

The packaging says that it is a great highlight for cheeks, eyes and lips. I mainly tried it on my cheeks and eyes, it was a little too goopy for my lips.
The facial whip comes out more like a cream and actually and has a great smell to it, a light fruity/ floral smell. The cream appears very metallic when it first comes out, but as it is applies, it goes more into a light dewy sheen. I tried applying it at first with my fingers to my cheek bone, but found that it went on better by pressing it on with a sponge with a little water or light moisturizer on it. I put it on over my foundation, and under my powder so that it wouldn’t get a weird consistency on top of a powder. I also used this on my eyes as a brow bone highlight and I loved it there too! I just applied it to my brow bone with my ring finger and it gave a great sheen. And an additional bonus, it was only $1 !!

End result: look at that shine!!!

The second product I reviewed was the Clinique’s Gentle Light Powder in Glow 3

This product is a loose powder and is great for going over top of a finished makeup look to give, exactly what it says, a glow. I lightly dust this powder on my cheek bones with a small powder brush and it has a slight color and very small glitter flecks. This products is pretty matte and does not give a sheen; but it is great for a casual day glow and sparkle.

Both of these products get a different result, but I really enjoyed both of them and would definitely buy them again!

xo Shawna

The Asian: Benefit's Posie Tint Review!

So I've never used a highlighter/illuminator before and I'm not sure if Benefit's Posie tint falls under this category but it does pretty much the same thing. Illuminators and highlighters have a lot more sparkle and I try to stay away from those products. Its a little more bang for your buck because it is also meant for your lips and its
bright pink color compliments any skin tone. I used it more as a blush, focusing on the apples of my cheeks but I also used a bronzer directly beneath it to hallow out my cheekbones a bit (which is what I
was instructed to do by the Sephora lady). 

I love that it stays on for a very long time and its a beautiful shade of pink. The only difficulty that I had was that it is a stain and its a little difficult to maneuver (but it does attribute it to its lasting power!). It does what its meant to and I would invest in this product again!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our First Review! L'Oreal 's "The One Sweep Eye Shadow"!

We're very excited to post our first review! For our first product we've decided to go with an eye shadow that claims big things, L'Oreal's "The One Sweep Eye Shadow". The L'Oreal website explains the product as a "fool-proof" way to apply the three shades you need to "define, color and highlight" your eyes all at once. The shadow comes in shades that compliment all different eye colors. We have all decided to review the same color which is the "Playful" option of the shades they offer for all eye colors. We did this so that everyone would get to see how the same shade looked on the three of us and decide if it really does compliment all eyes. Here is the shade we chose:

Playful for All Eyes in 829

Hope you enjoy our reviews!!!

The Asian's Review of L'Oreal's "The One Sweep Eye Shadow"

I thought this product was pretty gimmicky when I first saw it but it actually does what it claims! It was an easy one sweep eye shadow. It was pretty easy to use and the color combination is the same colors I use all the time. Since I am always in a rush, I love that it is quick way to put on the three color eye shadow look. Although it worked with my eye shape, I didn't like the quality of the product. It fades away in a few hours so I probably wouldn't buy it again for that reason alone. Overall its a quick fix but I though it was way too expensive for the quality of it! Pass!

The Brunette's Review of L'Oreal's "The One Sweep Eye Shadow"

To be honest, I'm hard to please when it comes to eye shadows. Something about my eyelids just doesn't mix well with eye shadow and it always wears off quickly. For this reason I do a lot of experimenting with eye shadow hoping to find the right shades/formulas that will actually work for me. I've always had good luck with gold colored shadows because I feel they compliment my skin tone well, and when they inevitably wear off it's not as noticeable that half of my eye lid is missing product. So, when the three of us decided we'd choose the gold shades of this eye shadow that claimed be "playful" for all eyes, I was looking forward to testing them out.
Right off the bat I thought L'Oreal was making a pretty bold claim that all you needed to do is sweep the creepy eyelid-shaped sponge across your lid once to get the prefect eye effect. Reading the directions on the back of the compact, they suggest using the tip of the sponge applicator to blend if needed after application. Hmm...

Here I am without eyeshadow:

And after I applied the product as suggested:

Hopefully you can tell that once applied, it looked just as it does in the package; like three stripes of color. 
I tried using the tip of the applicator to blend the colors a little, but honestly, a brush would be the best tool for the job if you wanted to blend. I continued to wear the stripe-y shadow around my house, and after a while, I took a second look at it. After about only an hour of wearing the shadow it had already begun wearing off and blending the three colors together. I was hoping that this would happen, thinking that at least I may get a nice single gold shade from mixing the three shades. The shade of gold I ended up with however wasn't anything special, and I gave up and just wiped the product off all together. 
It's safe to say that at about $10.00 a pack, I won't be buying any of the other shades of this product. I won't let mine go to waste though! Used with my Ecotools eye shadow brush I think these colors may be wearable on their own. 
Overall, this product was disappointing and my eye shadow search will continue!

x Lauren

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Blonde: L'Oreal "The One Sweep Eye Shadow" Review

L’Oreal: “The One Sweep” eye shadow in Playful for all eyes

I had really high hopes for this eye shadow. I guess I was expecting to swipe it on and I would have perfectly done eyes, no work involved. Those expectations were not met. The colors are great and complimented my light eyes. And I love the idea of one easy application to get a perfect look. BUT, the whole “one sweep” idea did not really play out for me. When I applied it to my eye, it basically only looked like the middle (medium brown) shade. The lighter highlighted color did not show up on my lid and the darkest color went on so thin that it was not really visible when my eye was open. I tried the shadow on 3 or 4 separate occasions, practicing applying it to my eye and the brush differently each time. But in the end, the color always came out looking like the medium brown shade. Luckily the medium brown shade is a really great color, it has great shine and gold flecks that look great. I also tried applying the shadow with a brush and used each color separately; and the look came out a lot better. I could make a thicker line with the darkest color and apply the lightest highlight shade to where it should be and blend all three together. Overall, the 3 colors go great together and the gold tones looked great with my eye color and my skin tone. And with a little more work, I could achieve the look I set out to have. But I think the hype over a one sweep “professionally designed eye” were not met for me. I don’t think this was a product I would buy again. But I would still buy individual shadows from L’Oreal, because I really love the pigmentation. Hope that this review was helpful and if there is anything else you would like to hear, let me know!

xo Shawna

First Review Tomorrow!

Just thought we'd give another quick little update before our first review post tomorrow! We've started a twitter where we've continued to spread the word about our new blog, keep in touch with other bloggers and, of course, stalk our favorite celebrities. If you'd like, you can find our twitter here:

Follow BBAblog on Twitter

Tomorrow the three of us will be sharing our individual opinions of L'Oréal's Studio Secrets "The One Sweep Eye Shadow"! Sandi and Lauren will also be taking a field trip to Sephora tomorrow for upcoming review ideas!
Hope everyone's had a nice Monday! Check back tomorrow for our review! We're very excited!
x Shawna, Lauren and Sandi

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let's go!

Before we review anything, we thought we’d share some more about who we are and what we’re currently using. Posted below is each of our make-up bags with the products we use daily, just the basics, not for a night out or anything too fancy. These are the products we’ve found to work best with our skin types and tones and our budgets. Hopefully as we continue this blog we’ll discover many new products that permanently wind up in our make-up bags!
Also, none of us have had a blog before, so we've joined some networking sites to get the word out that we've arrived! Both sites have been very welcoming and have us excited about blogging!

Please feel free to check out and follow our blog on bloglovin and independent fashion bloggers!

-Shawna, Lauren and Sandi

The Asian's Make-Up Bag

I cannot live without any of these items, listed in the order in which I use them!!

1. Alba's moisture cream: I like it because it smells like Hawaii in a tub and its organic
2. Bare Vitamins (or bare escentuals)Prime Time: Not my favorite primer but it works well with the mineral powder...more on this laster
3. Bare Minerals in Light: Love that this loose powder has an SPF 15 and has healthy minerals for your skin(ya ya ya- i'm a hippie)
4. Sephora Collection Kohl Expert Eye Liner: Haven't found an eyeliner that I like as much as this stuff! Still very pigmented but not too pigmented to the point where I have black everywhere, and the price is really nice ($8) since I go through eyeliner like nobody's business!
5. The pink lighter is used to melt the wax of the eyeliner so its sticks to my bottom lash line longer. Its a hard trick to master but once you use this technique, it works fabulously!!
6. Benefit's cream eyeshadow in "Get Figgy": Creamy eyeshadow that packs a lot of color and a little bit goes a long way
7. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler: The reason why I LOVE this curler is because it has a rubber pad instead of a foam one.
8. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara: I have the straightest eyelashes ever so feel all mascaras are kinda the same. This one is inexpensive, always on sale and the actual formula does its job!
9. Aquaphor- My lips are allergic to everything so this is the only stuff that i can put on them!

The Brunette: My Make-Up Bag!

Here it is! My make-up bag! I’ve come a long way since I started experimenting with make-up in middle school, and I finally feel like I can look at my collection without getting a bad flashback of my awkward years. For example, there’s less glitter than there was back then (but still a little!), my foundation matches my skin now, and I actually use brushes to apply products. There are, however, still traces of the old me who purchased anything in a pretty package (ahem, Benefit). Most of these are the products that have stuck with me over the years, some are new discoveries thanks to my YouTube obsession, and to be honest, some are just what was on sale at Target. I’m happy to share them all and I can’t wait to see what the other girls share too!

bareMinerals Full Flawless Face brush (these two are smaller in size because they came in a starter kit)

bareMinerals Flawless Face brush

Ecotools Blend brush (from the Ecotools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set)

Sephora Collection Professionnel Kabuki Brush #50

Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 118 Flesh

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner

Benefit Erase Paste

Benefit High Beam To Go

Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara in Rich Black

Benefit Hoola bronzer

Stila Convertible Color in Lillium

Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Brunette

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Black Drama

CoverGirl LiquilineBlast in Black Fire

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer for all skin types with SPF 15

x Lauren

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Blonde's (Shawna's) Make-Up Bag!

My make up bag has changed a lot over the years. Never had one, had one, had one that was too big, and now I feel like I am in a good place with my everyday make up. So this is what I’ve got to work with; just the basics…because I have no need to wear a lot of makeup to work everyday. And the brushes that I use to apply my foundation and powders are just cheapy ones from Forever 21 and beauty supply stores!

To start, Garnier Nutritioniste, Moisture Rescue lightweight UV-lotion (not really in my make up bag, but you get the idea)


- MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC20

- E.L.F. Under Eye Concealer & highlighter in light/glow

- Maybelline FIT Me foundation in 115 (semi- close to my color)

- MAC Studio Fix in C3

- NYC Color Wheel Mosaic face powder in Translucent Highlighter Glow

- NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing face powder in Sunny

- Rimmel London Lasting finish Blendable Blush in Pink Sorbet


- Maybelline Line Stylist in Bronze Gleam

- Rimmel Glam ‘eyes Lash Flirt. Volume & lift mascara in Kohl Black

- Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express in Very Black (but I accidentally got waterproof & hate it!)


- EOS lip balm, the pink one

- Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Soft Nude


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